Ginny Mackles  MSW, LMHC, RT

Holistic Life Coach and Reiki Teacher


Comments from Ginny’s clients:

"Ginny is one of the most talented holistic health counselors and practitioners with whom I have worked.  She effectively blends her broad training, extensive experience and intuition into a unique approach that has shown proven, powerful results with her clients."

J. J., Certified Relationship Coach, Prescott, AZ

“I'm 52 and I am just starting to figure myself out...Now I want to live to be >100 so I can experience life the way that I feel now. I owe a special thanks to Ginny Mackles, my Reiki Master and Holistic Counselor for getting to where I am now.  I have been fortunate to be Ginny’s student for Reiki I, Reiki II, Karuna Reiki and Meditation training.  I have also been a client of Ginny’s and have benefitted from her Holistic Counseling, Body Talk, Reiki and Remote Sessions. My husband and I are both current clients of Ginny’s practice.   Ginny has helped us through the tragic loss of a loved one, career changes, and making it through the pressures of everyday life.   Her website says it all and her clients and students all benefit from her many experiences.”

C.B., Hawthorne, NY

"Ginny’s work continues to be of tremendous value to my own development on both a personal and professional level. I strongly believe her graceful ability to integrate spiritual teachings into a grounded and practical framework has the capacity to help anyone interested in personal growth and genuine wellbeing."


"I admire your skills and competence as a therapist, the best therapist I have ever had and one of the best therapists that I have known. I think your professional ethics are beyond the vast majority of the therapists out there."


"Ginny Mackles is a very professional, organized and caring person.  She has helped me tremendously over the last few years.  I have worked through many emotional blocks as well as healing my body of psoriasis with her guidance."

N.M., MSW, Reiki Master

Comments from Workshop participants:

"The class is very well presented and keeps my interest continually.  There was so much love and warmth. Thank you!"

M.H., New York

"Thank you for your patience, guidance and loving energy.  You made a remarkable difference for me." 

A.L., New York

"The best part about this workshop is the personal attention to the participant’s needs."

J.D., New Jersey

"Ginny has so much knowledge and experience to share that I can listen for hours!" 

L.W., Connecticut

Bring your body, mind and spirit into harmonious balance while feeling fully supported in your process!


We All Have Times When We Need Extra Support

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