Ginny Mackles  MSW, LMHC, RT

Holistic Life Coach and Reiki Teacher



In Persons and Remote


Bring your body, mind and spirit into harmonious balance. This unique modality offers an innovative approach to supporting people in improving their health and over all quality of life.  It may include a combination of transformational coaching, intuitive counseling, the BodyTalk System and Reiki energy healing to help shift patterns that are blocking you from true health and happiness. The initial consultation includes an evaluation of your symptoms and general health.  Working with you, Ginny creates a results-oriented plan for your journey to wellness - supporting you in living your best life.

  1. Bullet  What Is Keeping You from Your Potential?

Many mental thought patterns and emotions from past experiences no longer serve you in the present.  By gently releasing these blocks you are able to experience life in a different and unique way, freeing you from repeating unhealthy patterns. This release will allow you to feel forgiveness and compassion while gaining clarity and insight.   Experience life in a new and healthier way, by being who you really are!

  1. Bullet  What to Expect?

The first part of the session is intuitive dialoging to uncover the vibrational core issues of your situation.  This is followed by empowering and recalibrating energy work to release unwanted patterns and replace them with healthier energies.  Most people express a relief of stress, a feeling of lightness, and a general sense of balance.

Private video coaching and online counseling sessions are available from any location via Phone or Zoom/Skype

Enjoy the benefits of coaching in a time-efficient way in the comfort of your own home or office. 


    Reiki sessions offered at Journey to Mindful Living in Minnetonka / Eden Prairie, MN

Open the flow of life force energy throughout your body with this gentle hands-on healing method. Reiki can provide relaxation and stress reduction while promoting a general sense of well-being. It works to balance the body's overall energy system, supporting its innate healing ability.

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Services Offered

In Person in Minneapolis suburb of Minnetonka, MN  

    Regularly in Westchester, NY - now scheduling for October 10-12, 2018

Video coaching and online counseling from anywhere via Phone, Zoom or FaceTime!

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